I ran London

It’s 23.10 and I’m over the moon as I’m back home after the Nike Go Nocturnal Run London which was my first ever 10k race. 

According to my watch (official times will not be posted for a couple of days), I completed the course in 53.43mins.  I am stunned as I thought that my target of 60 minutes was optimistic.  Having said that, I have trained hard and put in (most of) the preparation and cut out (most of) the beer.  My race plan (to run steady 6 m/ks) went out the window early on when I was a minute up a 1km, 2 minutes up at 2km and 4 mins up by 4km.  Though I was worried for the rest of the race that I’d done too much too early, I decided to go with my gut feeling.  I pushed hard on over Tower Bridge and back and was 6 minutes up on my schedule turning for home.  Still feeling OK by the time I ran through the 8km water station, I upped the pace again and was breathing hard through 9km.  I only really faltered when I mistook the footbridge over the last section in the park for the finish and gave a last kick too early as a result, making the last 400m the longest I have ever run.  However, nothing could stop the smiles when I dared to look at my watch.  A personal best of 53.43mins.  As you can probably tell, I well and truly chuffed.

Many thanks to Doctor Stu and son Luke who braved the elements to hold my kitbag, cheer me on and take photos.

First news report of the event here.

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  1. monica says:

    Congrats! II stumbled across your site while searching for RunLondon news. I also made the mistake of confusing the footbridge for the finish line. I ran hard at that thing, trying to make the 10k in 60 mins and was just heartbroken when I made it across and I heard people yell “keep on running!” Still – when I started the race I had no idea I could make it in anywhere close to 60 minutes (I was running much slower in training), so I’m thrilled. It’s amazing what a difference race-day energy and inertia can make. Oh, and training! Glad you enjoyed it as well! Great job.

  2. Adrian says:

    Well done. Both me and a friend of mine had the same problem thinking the bridge was the end. I was on the verge of crying or throwing up at that point. It was even money as to which, but I just managed to keep going somehow.

    Well down for the good time.

  3. zoe says:

    well done bnug! i can’t run due to weak ankles and knees so admire anyone who can – it must be so fulfilling. i’ll stick to my bike – although that tends to get neglected during the winter as my hands freeze šŸ™

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