The Running Man

I am aware that I am neglecting the few regular readers I have left but various things including laziness arising from having a crappy headcold have kept me from posting recently.

Foremost in my non-work activities has been preparing to participate in the Nike Run London 10K, my first serious attempt at a road race. My marathon-running doctor friend Stuart has continued drag me round the locality in an attempt to increase my stamina and I went to Oxford Circus on Saturday to pick up my race pack and dayglo running top from Nike. The fact that the race number printed on my sleeve is in the 20,000s and I shall be starting some 90 minutes after Paula Radcliffe does will give you an idea of how I expect to perform. I ran a 29 minute 5k this time last week and so I hope to get near to the hour mark on Sunday night.

My cycle commuting is helping to provide me with a little cross training to and from work and has been blissfully uneventful – the odd mad driver and delayed train have not dampened my enthusiasm. I have written a few hundred words on my return to cycle commuting for the print version newsletter of the local group of the London Cycling Campaign, the Tower Hamlets Wheelers. In all likelihood, it will appear in .pdf form in the newsletter section of their website in due course.

Another activity that has been taking up time when I’m not at work has been looking at the possibility of emigrating. Although it is something we have been looking at for some time, we have recently been a little more proactive and have taken some steps to check out various possibilities. From the responses we have received, it is entirely possible that 2005 could see us leaving the UK for a fresh start in foreign parts. But not if I don’t get back to work we won’t.

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  1. Oh – I didn’t see you?! How long did it take you? Phew, I managed an hour, it felt good…

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Jon, not sure how regular you visit this site, but couldn’t resist adding a comment after stumbling across that unforgettable grin. Its been a long time since I worked with you mate. I see the fashion police still haven’t caught up with you yet – That outfit can’t be legal! Anyway, get in touch if you read this…..Signed “Temp of the year 2002”.

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