What’s in my bag

Inspired by the ‘What’s in my bag‘ group over at Flickr, I turfed out the contents of the front pannier of my folding Brompton bicycle to see how my haul compares. If you think this is bad, I should tell you that I didn’t empty all the pockets of the notebook case or the CaseLogic audio bag!

3 Responses to “What’s in my bag”

  1. zoe says:

    oh good god – i don’t even own that much at home, let alone in a bag.

  2. An iPod, PDA AND two mobile phones!!! Really????? Who needs that much gadgetry.

  3. Zoe
    I didn’t realise things were so bad in Belgium! 🙂

    Palm T3 is mine and used for work and personal
    iPod is tops for long commutes
    Crap Windows CE phone belongs to company
    Neat SE T610 is my mobile and a great modem for my Palm T3

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