The deed is done…properly this time

It is amazing what one can achieve when one has an hour or so to spare for, with a day off work, I have finally managed to properly migrate my blog back to Blogger. Having tried three or four of the off the shelf offerings, I am now moderately happy with the tweakings I have applied to the Minima template and the general look of the site. The look is very light and airy when compared to the some say funereal old site.

Subtle changes include:

  • Old site content is still available via the Oct 2002 – May 2004 archive link.
  • The Star Chamber features the blogs of good friends and/or favoured blogfolk – added due to recent flakiness over at
  • RSS feed is now brought to you care of Atom.

The other key change is that I have decided to limit commenting to those who choose to register to do so. This decision was not taken lightly because I truly value all comments and have made new friends and contacts through them. However, eradicating comment spam was taking up too much time, even with MT Blacklist. I hope that folks will feel that registering is worth the effort and that they continue to do so.

Maybe now I can get back to posting more regularly rather than trying to decide which bloody blog tool to use.

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  2. Emchi says:

    I love your new site Jon… looks pretty damn good (not that the other one didn’t).

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