Performancing becomes ScribeFire

Ian of the Messy Desk snuck in a last minute 2006 post referencing the blog editor with both currently use, Performancing for Firefox. Following the sale of parts of Performancing, PFF has now morphed into ScribeFire. The ScribeFire link skips to the download page at present but a separate website is sure to follow.

Having downloaded the leading OS X blog editors over the holidays for another look-see, I have to say that ScribeFire (which is a FireFox extension and free) still holds up well against the hard app clients out there. MarsEdit (Mac), the stablemate of the excellent NetNewsWire, is fine but offers no WYSIWYG option. I have previously had issues with uploading iPhoto images in ecto (Mac, Win), the de facto editor for many a Mac user, but a recent attempt with version 2.4.1 went without a hitch. Furthermore, ecto is probably the most fully featured editor out there for those who are looking for plug-n-play posting, offering iTunes, iPhoto, Amazon insert buttons and the now-essential social tagging straight from the toolbar. The latest release of Qumana (Mac, Win) is pretty well featured too but, as a Java app, seemingly takes an age to load initially.

Ironically, I wrote all but this paragraph of this post in ScribeFire but had to do a quick cut and paste of the raw HTML into ecto when ScribeFire simply refused to take any keyboard input. Closing and restarting Firefox resolved the issue which was the first I have had with Performancing/ScribeFire I have had I (that wasn’t my own fault, that is!).

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