Locked and loaded

I had to adopt a ruthless approach to packing in order to bring some order and reduce the weight of this morning’s first attempt (left) to this afternoon’s more acceptable result (right). As well as jettisoning a pair of shoes, a travel guide and a few other bits, I bit the bullet and transferred the lovingly pressed suits and shirts to the main case so I could shed the suiter. I’m now praying for a forgiving check-in agent as I’m still a shade over my limit.

Luggage Luggageafter

Well, with the bags packed and a friend offering a lift to the station later, I’m off for to loaf on the couch watching a DVD and enjoy a roast dinner with the loved ones I’m leaving behind for the duration. The Man Upstairs and weather gods permitting, the next post will be from Auckland.

Doors to manual.

my lo-fi ears are listening to Adia/Sarah McLachlan

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  1. Urge says:

    Hope you had a good trip!
    Here in Finland we have -17, but a beautiful sunny day. Looking forward to your account about your flight 😉

    Take care!

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