Dunwich Dynamo route and map

Although I am sure there will be the usual handout at the start, I thought I would plot out the general route and directions for this weekend’s Dunwich Dynamo for my own reference.  Having done so, I thought I would make it available for others to use.

Using the list of villages on the Dunwich Dynamo FAQ listed on the DD FAQ and a bit of common sense, I ran the details through AutoRoute and have come up with with the shortest sensible route I can find.  I want to stress that this isn’t an official recommended route, a definitive guide or anything else of that nature; just a quick aide memoire I have knocked up to assist myself and others in their preparations.  Likewise, the map is only an indicative overview and is not intended as a navigational aid.  If I have time,  I can work up more detailed maps.

Dunwich Dynamo Route and Direction (see below) 


Dunwich Dynamo Overview Map (see below)


Feel free to give feedback on the route from the top of the Lea Bridge Road onwards…but there is no need to advise me of your favourite route from Hackney to the Waterworks roundabout at Woodford

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