Cat capers

Grahame’s post about his new kitten over at tptb dragoon brought to mind another bit of cat and computer interaction involving Jessie, one of our cats. Jessie was wont to sleep on top of the monitor of my PC, curled up on the warm casing. So, when she wandered in to find me setting up a new PC earlier this year, her feline nose was put out of shape for a while. Job done, I sat back to admire the new screen and speaker setup and by doing so had a grandstand view of Jessie leaping up to reclaim her spot on top of the screen, only to disappear down the back of the desk in a tangle of cables. I had swapped the old monitor for a new flat screen. Given the sharpness of her flailing claws, I was extremely grateful that I hadn’t yet removed the protective film from the screen. Jessie has never really trusted me since.

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