Bush telegraph

In the last 36 hours, the combined technical clout of NZ’s satellite TV company and national telecoms provider has converted our rural hideaway into a fully connected digital homestead. After nearly four months of expensive cellphone calls and 3G wireless data connections, we now have expensive digital satellite TV and ADSL!

This means is that, when I’m not glued to the European cinema channel eating turkey sandwiches or watching All American supermarket cart racing whilst grilling steak and prawns on the barbie, there’s a good chance that I’ll start writing here a little more regularly again.

[UPDATE] I have either just fried my AirPlus wifi router or it’s power supply, so wifi access for my iBook will have to wait until tomorrow. All I have to do is work out which of the children’s presents to return to the store for a refund to pay for a new router.

More to follow…

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  1. pigpogm says:

    Glad to hear you’re finally getting things sorted out – hope you all have a great first Christmas down there!

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