Answering the call

With a highly capable team at work and the family vacation looming, I have decided that, for the first time in years, the company cellphone will be ceremoniously switched off and slung in a drawer for the duration of the holiday. Along with the family, I am looking forward to lazy days paddling on the beach, long pub lunches, gentle walks in shady valleys and all things stress-free and bucolic whilst staying near friends in Cornwall. However, as a fully paid up geek, blogger and all round connected bloke, the thought of surviving two weeks without a phone, let alone internet access with my T3 via Bluetooth and GPRS, was really too much to contemplate. There is always the option of borrowing one of the three Virgin Sendos that keep SWMBO and the sprogs connected for the odd call but, as they entry level models, I’d be lost for any sort of data connectivity, let alone Bluetooth so it is a bit of a non-starter. When I factored in the realisation that I hadn’t bought a geek toy for over six months, there was only really one course of action left open to me…

Well, after what has been a fairly difficult month for various reasons, I thought a small spot of retail therapy was in order. All things being equal and given a fair wind, the courier should have my new Sony Ericsson T610 to me by close of play tomorrow. The six-ten comes highly recommended by my good friend and fellow blogger, Roger, which is doubly comforting as he also use his 610 with a T3 so I need not worry about compatibility issues between the two units. Having arranged delivery to my office, I then remembered that I shall be ‘on location’ tomorrow at London’s Heathrow Airport, overseeing the filming of a corporate training video. So, hopefully, it will be in the safe hands of Hamish, the security officer, by the time I’ve finished. – unless he’s faked my signature and eBay’d it by then.

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  1. Emchi says:

    Oooh Ross has got one of those and they’re lush. I wish I’d got one…

  2. I’m liking it so far – especially the seemless integration with my T3 – bliss after the shitty SPV Windoze phone.

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