World On Fire – shame on us

Although I listen to my fair share of music, Sarah McLachlan is not an artist that I have heard before or even heard of.  If she walked past me in the street, I’d be none the wiser.  However, in the last four minutes or so, she has become an artist that I have admiration for because she made this video* for her song, World On Fire.  When you have watched the video, stop and think about what could be achieved using the $10,000,000 prize paid out to Mojave Aerospace Ventures for getting SpaceShipOne into sub-orbital space a second time this week.

* iTunes required – via Tim Bray’s ongoing and geekgrrl.

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  1. Squonk says:

    Thanks for the tip. I checked her website and listened to the clips, and I like what I hear very much. She seems to have been working with some top flight musicians on her latest album, including Jerry Marotta and Tony Levin, who both work(ed) with Peter Gabriel. And as you’re London-based, she’s at the Royal Albert Hall soon (21/10).

  2. Emchi says:

    I’ve got her albums Surfacing and Afterglow on my pod. She’s got a beautiful voice.

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