Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer

As someone who did so some time ago, I was interested to read Daniel Miessler’s ‘Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer‘ article over at Lockergnome. I have to say that he makes a fair and cogent argument, highlighting the issues that continue to bug folks about the world’s most used browser. Likewise, there are many good points made in the online discussions and forums that have taken up the story, like those in the thread over at Ecademy, pointing up the necessity of using IE to action Windows Updates (clever thinking, MS though one can configure auto-updates via Control Panel unless I am much mistaken) and to view those sites code-biased to it’s own non-standard display. In making this last point, one person commented that IE is pretty much essential for online banking sites. I beg to differ, as I regularly use The Cooperative Bank’s online banking service via the excellent Firefox browser without a hitch.

3 Responses to “Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer”

  1. J.A.S.O.N. says:

    Same here. I’ve never had a problem using banking sites using Firefox.

    Not that I haven’t had problems, just not with banking sites.

  2. I’m clear on that…I think 🙂

  3. Fath0m says:

    Firefox is excellent.

    Sometimes it messes up with international UTF but that’s about it. New version is out: 0.9

    IE is still necessary for windows update, unless you want to install ActiveX functionality in firefox, which would of course make it as cr*p as IE.

    Oh well….

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