Where did the weekend go?

This weekend has shot by. Already Sunday evening is here and I’m doing anything to avoid ironing a shirt for work, as this means the fun is over and Monday morning awaits. So where did the time go?

Well, between 2200hrs on Friday evening and 2300hrs last night, I was preoccupied with catering for and serving up the wedding breakfast of my friend’s son. Having said ‘yes’ in a weak moment weeks back, I had to set to and prepare, cook and serve up 80 five course meals. Thanks to an army of helpers drawn from the groom’s family and our friends, all this was achieved with very little hassle – mainly due to a bit of planning by myself and the groom’s father, who also drove around and purchased all the ingredients. All of which has convinced me that, whilst I love to cook, I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t want to run and outside catering business. Having said that, it is very gratifying to cook for so many folks and to receive the odd compliment, not to mention a bottle of port, for my troubles. Having cooked the afternoon meal and cleared the service by early evening, I then cycled home to shower and change before returning for the evening celebrations before returning home with my family to crash out.

Cycling was on my mind when I finally woke up this morning. As I have mentioned recently, I am keen to buy a Brompton folding bike to enable me to commute by train and bike rather than car and I wanted to have a test ride before ordering one, just in case I hate the thing. Rather than test a brand new Brompton, I opted to take up an offer from a Tower Hamlets Wheeler to test her 3 year old bike to get an idea of how they ride and how they stand up to 36 months usage. Not only was the 4km ride all I needed to confirm both the build quality and my decision to buy one, it helped me adjust my intended specification to match my requirements more closely. Although I have been considering a secondhand bike, I have chosen to spend the extra to get the setup, colour and additional kit I want. Hopefully, at some point next week I’ll get along to my local dealer to order and pay a deposit, with a view to collecting it next payday.

  • Brompton L6: arguably the best model for my bike-train-bike-train-bike commute and other leisure rides.
  • Touring pannier 28 litre: the test ride proved that this will swallow my laptop backpack and a load more beside.
  • Rainproof cover for the above: to keep the geek toys dry through the winter.
  • Basta/Cateye lamp set for L type: I’m not a big fan of dynamos and want to leave my other Cateye lights on my Trek 970.
  • Schwalbe Marathon tyres: User reviews rate these as tops.
  • Telescopic seat pillar – my leg length would seem to indicate that I need a longer pillar but I still want the smallest possible fold.

This afternoon, we settled down with the kids to watch the superb and compelling Rabbit Proof Fence. Made in the same year as the equally moving Whalerider, it is a drama that recounts a true story which, when considered quietly and fully, will make your heart ache.

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  1. zoe says:

    80 five-course meals ? wow, you must feel very pleased with yourself – i know i would. well done!

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