What did you do in the last four days?

Lazy weekend with a bit of shopping and then down the local with the Sunday papers for a roast and a few pints? Slow Monday morning wading through emails and a Tuesday spent attending dreary meetings?

As previously mentioned, I and a few others did what we thought (at 120 miles in one night) was a long bike ride but this pales into insignificance compared to what my friend and fellow Tower Hamlets Wheeler Colin (above) did in the last four days. He cycled from London to Edinburgh and back. To get some sense of what that looks like, the green line on the map below is 100 miles (to scale) and he basically rode up the red line and then back down it with very few stops and not much sleep.


In an email to friends this morning, Colin provided an insight into what it had been like. “A very international field with a great spirit and amazing feeling of fraternity…fantastic considering they were also not sleeping more than a couple of hours at a stretch. My legs feel surprisingly good today, though they are a wee bit sore…recuperating at home with coffee, the largest amount of junk food you will ever see and Mister H. Potter. Nice!”


The hard numbers of Colin’s ride are as follows:

  • Distance: 1417km (885 miles)
  • Time: 102 hrs 18 mins (give or take a minute)
  • Sleep: To Edinburgh 5hrs; In Edinburgh 2hrs; To London 9hrs
  • Punctures: 0
  • Mechanical Failures: 0
  • Puddings with custard eaten: 19

Col, your humble friends salute you. Well done!

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