Two pieces of paper

The result of 3+ year’s research, time, effort, worrying and more than a few tears.
Some people can tell you where they were when Kennedy was shot or how they stayed up late to watch Kennedy’s pledge to put a man on the moon come true. Well, it may not be on the same world-rocking scale but I’ll always remember where I was when I learned we had been granted indefinite residence in New Zealand. It was the rather mundane and unglamourous men’s toilet of a conference venue because SWMBO has an unerring habit of calling me whenever I’m otherwise engaged.Earlier today, exactly eight months to the day from the day we flew into Auckland as a family of emigres, I walked out of the Immigration New Zealand office into the crisp Kiwi winter sun, clutching passports with residence permits and returning resident’s visas for 4 of the 6 of us. The last two permits and visas will be issued when the passports concerned are renewed in a month or so. I shall be using my newly enhanced passport next week when I travel to Melbourne and Perth on business but, for now, I’m just happy to relax and drink a glass of Pinot and be thankful for the outcome of our hopes and labours.

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  1. J.A.S.O.N. says:

    Congrats, man!

  2. Emchi says:

    I’ll resist the urge to sing Congratulations, as well, you know I can’t sing.

    8 months, is pretty impressive :o)

  3. © Karelian Blonde says:

    Gongratulations to all of you!

  4. pigpogm says:



  5. Albert Lemke, Arizona USA says:

    Congratulations! I have been following your adventure with wonder and awe. You and Wendy are truly wonderful parents. Your move to make a better life for your children has been an inspiration. It has reaffirmed my belief that good things happen to good people who work hard, have faith and are doing the right thing.

    You and Wendy should be very proud of what you have accomplished. I am very happy for all of you. Take Care.

  6. bignoseduglyguy says:


    Thank you so much for your kind and generous comment – it is much appreciated.

    All the best to you and yours!

  7. bignoseduglyguy says:

    Cheers to all!

  8. chris vella, uk says:

    A sincere well done from someone who knows what it means to be granted an indefinite stay in another country. That was before Malta joined the EU, now it ain’t matter any more.

    Your blog is one of two blogs I read occasionally. The other being BIGNOSEDUGLYGUY.

    All the very best!

  9. Taniwha the Wally says:

    big big (belated) congrats!

  10. Taniwha the Wally says:

    big big (belated) congrats!

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