Tour De France


The Tour de France, widely and rightly acknowledged as the most physically demanding sporting event in the world, begins in 7 days time.  Once again, ITV1 & 2 will have early and late evening shows covering each days highlights.

Meanwhile, despite being unable to commute by bike because of a thief, I continue to try and keep my meagre weekly mileage up in order to participate in the Dunwich Dynamo 120 mile night ride, which finishes on the same Sunday as the Tour.  Having tried and failed to locate my stolen Brompton amongst the stolen bikes being hawked by [expletives deleted] in East London’s street markets, I have swallowed my anger and ordered another.  As new models have been released since the theft, I took advantage of Brompton’s new bespoke service and ordered a stripped-down P in stealth black.  It is similar to the one below, though stripped of rack and lights but with the reduced gearing and Brooks saddle options.  I’m looking forward to picking it up and getting back to my normal canalside ride to the station in the mornings.


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