Time to tell a better story?

To the disqualified driver of the uninsured, street modified Honda who drove into the back of my car after tailgating me on yesterday morning’s commute into town.

  • I am trying to think well of you though your actions, behaviour and manipulations left me sad, annoyed and inconvenienced.
  • I wish you no harm and my hope is that you choose not to drive again whilst disqualified to do so.
  • I bear you no ill-will and my wish is that you respect the law and other road users enough to not drive whilst uninsured.
  • I trust you are as safe & healthy as when you left the scene and my prayer is that you hold those you meet in higher regard than you seemed yesterday.

In closing, please think about telling a better story with your life, taking responsibility for your actions and their consequences, and enriching the lives of others as well as yourself.


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One Response to “Time to tell a better story?”

  1. I see what you are doing here Buzz, and I respect it tremendously. You always strive to truly practice what is preached or what you have studied and read. I know many who would say you share their religion who don’t possess the same integrity. Though even as I write that I know I should approach them the same way you approached this person.
    I would only say that if you have bottled up a more vehement expression in this exercise, if you’ve had to quell and bury some heavy emotions, you might engage in something (screaming in an empty room?) that will allow you to get that out of your system.
    I only know what you’ve written here, but you seem almost dangerously calm.
    Good luck, Buzz and take care of yourself. I say that with no condescension, but rather selfishly because I like reading your stuff.

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