Three lines on the brain

I’m not the biggest football fan going. In fact, as a staunch rugby fan, it is safe to say that I am unable to name more than two or three players in England’s Euro 2004 squad. Having said that, my daughters play football and frequently watch ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ so we do sit down to watch big internationals as a family occasionally. What we don’t do is festoon our windows with ‘England’ flags and play the old and wearisome ‘Three Lions On A Shirt‘ supporter’s song by Baddiel and Skinner. Loudly. Very, very loudly. Seventeen bloody times. Like our upstairs neighbour did this evening, like he always does when England play an international. With breaks for getting beer from the fridge, flag adjusting and sofa trampolining, he managed to string this homage out to over an hour and a half. All this rather marred the bucolic charm and rustic serenity of tonight’s episode of the excellent Britain Goes Wild, the BBC’s fortnight of live and recorded programming on our indigenous wildlife. The educational and entertainment value was rubber-stamped when my Dad, a dalesman by upbringin and former county council countryside officer, called to check the kids were watching and stated that even he had learned something new watching the shows. Believe me, admissions like that are as rare as osprey sighting in London.

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  1. Andy says:

    Not been here for a couple of days and suddenly it’s all new. Very nice sir!

  2. Andy

    As a dyed-in-the-wool footie fanatic, I’m pleasantly surprised you’re still commenting after my blistering attack.

    Thanks for the makeover review

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