Thoughts before retiring

Reading the last few mails and scan the last few feeds before heading to bed, I have just caught myself having the most ridiculous thought: Wouldn’t it be nice to get a job in a place where they use Macs? I mean I have just secured a job in a great company in a new country and I have a thought like this? The underlying cause is the fact that like many a fence-jumper before me, I am really loving the Mac experience – not the ubergeek hype that goes with Powerbook ownership or the Holy Grail of attending MWSF (if you need to ask, you ain’t invited) – just the ease with which I can do my mail, surfing and ‘ordinary bloke who’s a bit interested in computers and technology’ stuff. A great example of the whole Mac thing is Quicksilver – a ‘unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and other data.’ For those Mac users who, like me, are driven nuts by locked-down menu-bloated Windows machines in their workplaces, Quicksilver is the kind of thing you think about when clickety-clicking umpteen times to simply add a to-do to a text file on your USB thumb drive. And so to bed.

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