Thomas Dolby & Michael Brecker

I have always enjoyed Thomas Dolby’s music and periodically delve into his blog to have a look at what he is up to. Tomorrow sees the release of a bonus last episode of his ‘extra material’ video podcasts which were culled from his recent Sole Inhabitant tour footage. Although I don’t have a video iPod, viewing the videos on the iBook gave a nice peak into Dolby’s live shows, offering updated versions of earlier hits and the back story behind the lyrics.

In one of those quirks that occur when blogging, checking the link to Dolby’s blog took me to his latest post, in which he mourns the passing of Michael Brecker. Along with his brother, Randy, Brecker made up one of the best brass sections of the last fifty years, a fact borne out by his 713 entry discography. While never a big fan, I first heard Brecker on Joni Mitchell’s 1980 Shadows and Light live album and have always enjoyed hearing him play.

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