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iPhoto Slideshow DVD

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Our youngest has been keen to make a movie of the photos I took on our recent South Island holiday so she can show them to her class and today the spindle of DVDs I got mail order finally turned up.

Having recently used her teacher’s laptop for a ‘show and tell’ about my job, I knew that simply burning the slideshow to CD or DVD wouldn’t guarantee that she’d be able to show it on the Windows laptop.¬† Likewise, having created a great slideshow in iPhoto 7, using the Ken Burns effect, the ‘droplet’ transition effect and a great worship track from iTunes, my daughter wasn’t keen on having to start recreating it all over again in iDVD.

A quick Google for ‘iphoto slideshow burn DVD’ lead me to the top ranked article¬†Create a DVD of an iPhoto Slideshow at Basics4Mac, which has a great, easy to follow guide that helped us convert the slideshow to a QuickTime movie (.mov) file and burn it to a DVD-R inside ten minutes.

The results looked a little grainy on my 24″ iMac but great on our our medium-sized TV screen.