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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Another year on the planet, another cake but there’s a twist this year.

In previous years, She Who Must Be Obeyed has been the architect and builder of many a fine birthday cake for each member of the family.  However, this year, my birthday cake was created and decorated by my eight year old daughter.  The photo above shows the end result; the iCake™ is a fine representation of an Apple iBook – with innovative iDigestive™ mouse – detailed right down to the digital clock in the upper right corner and the Apple space image screen saver.

I love my family and am thankful everyday for the blessings and joy I know through them

Heróis Comuns/Ordinary Heroes

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

flying men

One of the things I like about Flickr is that, every once in a while, it throws up images that make you see things in a different way – click the image for more.

Fresh Start

Sunday, May 10th, 2009
Lake Pukaki

Lake Pukaki

‘Found by you’ because I obviously have been – the phrase can be also be found here – and ‘Fresh Start’ because this is the first post of a new blog.  While I have occasionally blogged recipes elsewhere (see links), am active on Flickr and have embraced Twitter, it has been twelve to eighteen months since I last blogged in earnest.  However, in recent months I have felt drawn to begin blogging again but much has changed in my life in recent years and my last long-standing blog no longer seemed a good fit.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to chat with a fellow blogger and all-round nice bloke Dave, the photo-diarist behind the funkypancake phenomenon.  While we have corresponded for years, until he visited last month, we had never met so it was a great chance to talk about blogging, photography and a whole lot more besides.  After mulling things over for another week or so, I have decided to stop mulling and start blogging.

Off to lend my trailer to a friend and make Mother’s Day soup.