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Mini garage sale

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I’m having an online clear out of my DVD collection at Trade Me – Listings from bignoseduglyguy – a tiny selection including a Cold War classic, a documentary, a Russian horror, an Iranian drama and more besides.


I’m calling it a garage sale as the money will be used to offset an increase in parking fees I have to pay at work.


Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

I spent an enjoyable couple of hours watching ‘Heartlands‘ last night. Rescued from the ignominy of the bargain bin, what a cracking little movie it turned out to be. A gentle tale of a quiet man who sets out on his moped to find his philandering wife and discovers there’s more to life than darts and beer along the way. Michael Sheen (The Queen, Frost/Nixon) delivers a solid performance in the lead role, supported by old reliables Jim Carter and Celia Imrie and a great cast including nicely understated Paul Shane, Ruth Jones, Phillipa Peak and a softer than normal performance from Mark Strong. The only downside were the inconsistent dialects of some of the characters.  More than anything I’ve watched recently, this movie reminded me of England and the subtleties of the English sense of humour. Another cracking $4.99 bargain from The Warehouse.