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North by North West

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

On Wednesday, I spent an enjoyable few hours cycling the North West Cycle Route end-to-end and back again shadowing, as I did, part of the route I commute along to my office. Along the way, I met and chatted to a few folks and I enjoyed getting new perspectives on the journey.

IMG 0544

Graffiti in Point Chevalier

IMG 0547

Newton signage…with my office building in the distance.

IMG 0554

Landscaping between Bond Street and St Lukes Road.

IMG 0570

Heading north from Traherne Island to Rosebank Road.

IMG 0555

Recycled hoarding in Kingsland garden nr. St Lukes Road.

IMG 0543

Heading south across Henderson Creek behind a companionable Doctor. As I rode with her and her family, we discussed sustainability, her doctoral research exploring healthy transport policy and legal aspects of liability in commissioning local infrastructure.  Always interesting to talk to others on their travels – something I can’t do commuting in my car along the same route.

IMG 0568

Rider’s eye view.

Occupy Aotea: sit-in sell-out?

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011



Earlier today, I saw a pizza delivery guy delivering to a tent amid those of the ongoing protest in Auckland’s Aotea Square.  Call me old fashioned but doesn’t secret snacking on a garlic-infused stuffed crust 12″ meat-lovers kind of undermine the integrity of one’s staunch commitment to the anti-greed/consumerism/globalisation/everything cause?

Just saying.


Monday, October 17th, 2011

IMG 0255

The 99 per cent have taken up residence in Aotea Square, much to the befuddlement of the locals and international rugby fans enjoying the spring sun this afternoon.  The NZ Herald reports that collating statistics from NZ survey data and the Luxembourg Wealth Study shows New Zealand is the 3rd most unequal country in terms of how much of the nation’s wealth is held by the ‘top’ 1% of the population.  At 16%, where just behind 2nd place Sweden at 18% but way short of the 33% of the U.S.A.

When I was working in the corporate social responsibility field just a couple of years back, one in seven families in New Zealand were living below the generally acknowledged poverty line.  Now, according to Dr. Claire Dale, co-editor of the CPAG‘s September 2011 report, Left Further Behind: how policies fail the poorest children in New Zealand, “at least one in five New Zealand children experiences significant deprivation that compromises their health, their education and their future”.

While I offer no insight or opinion regarding these global protests, their validity or their efficacy, I do wonder about the values we model as citizens – to our kids, our communities and the world at large.

Edit 18-10-11:  This morning, the NZ Herald reported that John Key has admitted that the “growing underclass’ he committed to help during the period I mentioned above has, in all likelihood, grown further in the intervening period. Whether the Government has done its best to insulate people from the recession, as he claims, is something I’ll leave you to decide for yourself.


$1.88m Beckham match ‘wrong event, wrong time’

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

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Dear Auditor General, those of us who coughed up to watch Edgar Davids run rings around an almost static Beckham would like a refund.  While we’re on the subject, how come Davids was playing for an Oceania XI All-Star team despite the fact he is not from Oceania and has never played for a club or national team in Oceania?

A nice day for a date

Saturday, October 31st, 2009
Da Vinci bridge

The Bridge Builders

Today, our youngest and I decided to grab a little one-on-one time together as we haven’t had a ‘date’ for a long time.  Leaving the rest of the family to boring clothes shopping, we headed downtown to see the Da Vinci Machines exhibition.  While a little smaller and a little more pricey/commercial than I was expecting, we spent an hour or so wandering round looking at and discussing the themed replica exhibits.  These ranged from the well-known like the air screw, flying machine and tank to smaller explorations of engineering principles like the wormscrew, column-lifting machine and autolock mechanism.

We both won a bookmark (a.k.a. exhibition advert) by managing to replicating one of Da Vinci’s arched bridge designs from a pile of notched logs.  Da Vinci created these designs for the Duke of Milan, Ludovico ‘Il Moro’ to facilitate rapid troop movements across rivers while carrying out surprise attacks.  It took us four attempts to get the structure stable enough to bear our weight and one wonders how easy it would have been to build these bridges without access to both sides of the river or under a hail of arrows or flaming shot!

A little peckish from our bridge-building efforts, we crossed the street and wandered into the small, friendly and pleasingly un-commercial Auckland City Farmer’s Market.  There we tried out various things to eat including the delicious pita bread cooked on site by the lovely folk at Abu-Melamed Bakery, poppy seed and Parmesan bagels from the bubbly peeps at the Bagel Love stall and great spicy hot dogs with smoky capsicum sauce from two ladies at an unnamed stall.  Sharing a sunny table, we talked to a nice couple who came from Hawaii and Sydney (long distance love?) and took a photo for them – in return, they gave us both a big juicy strawberry!  We shared a fruit smoothie while we walked over to the Maritime Museum where one of us got our face painted before we walked up and down Queen Street looking in bookshops and chatting.  An ice cream in the sun topped off our trip and we slowly headed home for a cup of tea with big grins on our faces.

Promise Keepers 09 in Auckland!

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Four hours until Promise Keepers 09 in Auckland! Picture from last year’s worship session.

IronFish & Manna

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

On my last birthday, my wife gave me a beautiful IronFish Cross Pendant.  A month or so back, after a summer and autumn of harsh New Zealand sun, sea and showers, the leather thong snapped.

While I was in the Henderson Manna Store the other day (buying a reciprocal birthday present for my wife!), I happened to see the same pendant and mentioned to my daughter that it reminded me that I needed to get a new leather thong for mine.  The guy behind the counter overheard and asked if the pendant had been bought at the store.  When I said that it had, he immediately pulled the thong from a pendant on display and passed it to me, refusing all and any payment.

Thanks, Manna Henderson – great folk, great store!