Run, forest, run

This track and the forest beyond has become a regular haunt for me over the last week or so.

Whilst I was running regularly back in London, I have lapsed severely since leaving the UK and have managed just one run each in Los Angeles, Rarotonga and Foxton. As we are now more settled and I’m no longer tearing around chasing interviews, I have started to get back into the groove. Thanks to the endless takeaways and a little too much beer and wine in this land of plenty, I guess that I am about about 5kg heavier than I was when I was in London. Add to this the usual Christmas and New Year festivities and you’ll appreciate that it is proving to be something of a hard slog. However, I am now able to run amongst the tall firs of the local forests, swapping the pavements, car horns and fumes of London’s East End for the birdsong, chirruping cicadas and pine scent of Riverhead. The difference is incredible, allowing me to enjoy the experience and focus on my running rather than watching traffic or teenage gangs out to hassle the unwary.

All this is just as well because, somehow in amongst all the frantic activity of starting my new job, I have managed to sign up for at least one leg of the Great Lake Relay 06. The thought of driving down country in six week’s time with a bunch of colleagues to spend the night running 160kms round the country’s biggest lake has had a certain sobering effect, I can tell you.


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  1. Taniwha the Wally says:

    oh, it looks wonderulfly flat.
    Running in Wellington is always more of a brisk panting walk uphill, followed by a semi-controlled flight downhill, with only the occasional bit of actual running inbetween summits

  2. Taniwha the Wally says:

    hey, the comments links on your site lead to 404

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