Riding up the Thames

After the events of recent weeks and to calm the nerves of a nervous mother, I decided that I would accompany my daughter to her school on the last day of term – not on the Tube as she would usually but choosing the river bus instead. So, after picking up her friend, we made our way to the Masthead Terrace Pier, where we boarded the Thames Clipper service which runs to Savoy Pier.

From here, it was a short walk along the Embankment and across Parliament Square, from where the girls headed to the school and I pedalled off towards Paddington Station.

Once again, there is a great deal of police activity in London today including the fatal shooting by armed police of a man on the transport network this morning, followed by a suspect package at a mosque and now the search of an internet cafe. This being the case, I think I might just take a nice, quiet circuitous route home this afternoon.

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  1. Jer says:

    Wanted you to know I put a link to your blog on my own. You write interesting “stuff.” Jer

  2. […] In the last two days, I have done around 200kms of very boring commuting in order to attend a training course; the view above shows the lightest traffic I experienced as a drove home just ahead of the afternoon rush hour through Auckland’s newly completed central junction.  To numb the boredom, I often listen to podcast and one of my favourites is Jack Thurston’s The Bike Show.  This is always a superb blend of bikes, artistic musings, philosophy and news from the cycling scene.  The down side is that I am all too rudely reminded that my commutes used to be oh-so-different. […]

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