Planets in my house

After making a pair of tin can telephones and fooling around with them for a while, my youngest daughter were looking for other ways to spend time having fun together.

One of the photographs we took through the hole in one of the cans looked a little like a planet in space and Mum suggest we look for other ‘planets’ around the house.  I took the perforated tin lid, fixed it to the lens of my IXUS 850IS with a small ring of Blu-Tak and we set off round the house, finding textures to snap so we had lots of images of ‘planets’.

The four above are just a few of the many we experimented with.  You can see a few more of the better ones, including a ‘super nova’ and a ‘moon’ over a planet and gaseous flare over at bignoseduglyguyeye or Flickr.

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  1. pen4hire says:

    What a fantastic idea! I hope that some of the crafty “mommy bloggers” pick this up.

  2. Buzz says:

    Thanks for stopping by. It is so easy to do that everyone can have a go with pretty much any camera.

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