Patience and Persistence

I am not normally one for made-for-TV movies. However, on a rainy Sunday, when I see look through the TV guide and see a movie that I have never heard but has a pedigree cast that includes William H Macy, Helen Mirren and Kathy Baker, I’m willing to take a chance. Door To Door turned out to be a great film with a tour de force performance from co-writer Bill Macy as Bill Porter, a Watkins door to door salesman who has cerebral palsy.

The film tracks the change in American culture and values in the second half of the 20th century through the true story of Porter’s life – one of patience and persistance and the value of the human spirit in an increasingly insular society. What could have easily been a mawkish and manipulative movie was, in fact, a great film with assured performances from all concerned. I encourage you to seek it out or failing that, you can read more at or (as I am going to do) buying the book ‘Ten Things I Learned From Bill Porter‘. Interestingly Bill Macy’s wife, Felicity Huffman, plays a small supporting role in the movie – she is now better known for her starring role as Lynette in ‘Desperate Housewives’.

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