Only in Malta!


My Maltese colleague Roderick is no mean photographer*. His landscapes, wildlife and floral studies are particularly good. Recently, he drew my attention to a website called Only in Malta!. This site has an excellent and growing collection of funny photographs. Those who have Maltese friends or who have visited Malta, Gozo or Comino, will recognise scenes depicting the unique way in which the Maltese approach life. On the other hand, if you are not familiar with Malta or the Maltese, you might be tempted to dismiss these as just another bunch of snaps of silly road signs and people in whacky situations. For the uninitiated, imagine a mix of an Aussie’s ‘no worries’ attitude, a Spaniard’s ‘mãnana’ outlook and then throw in a dose of West Indian ‘laid back’ lifestyle, you might just get close to the way in which they embrace their love of life.

*Rod has just made me aware that his site is being upgraded at this time, so check back to see his work soon.

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