One acronym begets another

In the last five weeks, our previously mentioned EOI (Expression of Interest) has undergone a metamorphosis. Today, what left this house as bits and bytes – and a large credit card payment – returned in the form of a large courier package containing a large bundle of papers, forms and supporting material which makes up the New Zealand Immigration Service’s ITA (Invitation To Apply) – along with a request for another, much larger credit card payment.

If we thought that we’d broken the back of the bureaucracy involved in securing residency, a quick review of the covering letter and checklist put us straight. As well as having to provide panel medical reports, X-rays and police check documentation within the next ten days (before their six month lifespan expires – we had them for a while), we now have to provide all the ‘proof’ documentation to support our claims in the EOI. This might sound fairly straightforward but I have discovered that one of the companies I worked for in the ’90s has been swallowed up by another and getting proof of employment might be difficult.

To be honest, my heart sank upon realising that we’re in for another extended bout of paperchasing and cajoling folks into providing evidenciary documents. Being in the middle of two very heavy weeks at work, I am finding it hard to work up the enthusiasm right now, even thought the ultimate goal is what we’ve spent over two years working towards. Recognising this, I have decided to stop beating myself up, stuff it all back into the courier pouch, grab a beer and take a night off, as has SWMBO. What that really means is that she’s surfing real estate web sites for houses and I’m catching up on email and paperwork. I suspect I’ll last all of 30 minutes before I give up and wander off to watch House, followed by the superb James Spader/William Shatner double act in Boston Legal.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    On the subject of wire, (sorry: if it’s in the title I can refer to it – you haven’t been away from “just a minute” that long!) it occurred to me while working on the fence this weekend just how much difference the right tools make. What used to be hours of agony with blunt pliers and mangled fingers is now done in seconds with a pair of _mini bolt cutters_. If you’re going fencing, don’t leave home without them! (You can sneakily snip off the end of your opponent’s sword…)

    Quite apart from anything else, the soft “snick” is the most strangely satisfying new experience I’ve had since I discovered the simple pleasure of writing in biro on a banana skin.

    If you’ve tried either, you’ll know what I mean.

    Slight digression here, but I suppose you might be securing the pastures against rampaging wallabies or something.

    All the best,


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