NZ 4th best place in world to live

NZ is the fourth-best place in world to live according to the The International Living travel website.  This sounded great until I read that the first three are a strange mix of France, the Netherlands and Australia.  Closer inspection shows the site to be seemingly geared towards the U.S. expat executive market. [The pointed comments around how hard it is for U.S. citizens to get into New Zealand and secure residency struck me as a bit rich given the Bush administration’s foreign and immigration policies, not to mention the generally appalling attitude of Immigration and Homeland Security drones at U.S. airports.]

waitakere bush

Elsewhere, it would seem that the recent The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report Climate Change 2007 indicates that NZ may escape the worst impacts of global warming, according to NIWA climate scientist Jim Renwick, who contributed to the report and Climate Change Minister David Parker.

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    heh.. what would they know.

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