NewsGator swallows NetNewsWire

Yesterday evening, my buddy Chuck and I were talking over the variety of RSS aggregators available out there and what we prefer to use on which platform.  Earlier today, I had a similar chat with Jason.  All three of us now use both Windows and Mac machines on a daily basis and between us, we narrowed our preferred apps down to NetNewsWire Lite, Firefox with the Sage plug-in and the web-based Bloglines.  It was, therefore, with interest that I saw whilst reading The Office Weblog feed just now I clicke-through on a link to discover that the NewsGator has acquired NetNewsWire.  Regardless of the particular RSS client app I end up using, I will certainly create a recurring to-do on my PDA to periodically synchronise the OPML file in the client with one of the web-based feedreaders.  That way I get to read my favourite feeds from anywhere and I also have my subscriptions backed up if the worst happens.

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  1. pigpogm says:

    I’m using NewsGator for Outlook at the moment, and like it a lot. The advantage of the online syncing is that you can use NewsGator in Outlook at work, NetNewsWire on the Mac at home, and the web based service anywhere else, and it will keep all of them in sync – once you read something once, it will mark it as read everywhere.

    Presumably it can handle some serious load too – it’s what Robert Scoble uses 😉

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