New wheels on my wagon

I have finally managed to ‘upgrade’ the roller wheels on my Brompton with skate wheels, which should allow me to wheel rather than carry it through stations on my commute.  Thanks are due to Caroline, esteemed member of Tower Hamlets Wheelers who sourced the wheels at Decathlon and kindly grabbed some for me as I was abroad.  Thirty pence-worth of slightly longer than original bolts from the local DIY shop and five minutes effort saw them installed and looking rather neat


All of which reminds me I haven’t ridden the beast since my return from New Zealand.

my lo-fi ears are listening to Thinking About Tomorrow/Beth Orton

3 Responses to “New wheels on my wagon”

  1. Brenda says:

    WOW.. that thing is much better looking than i thought..
    can it do hill climbs? how’ss the gear range ?

  2. tireetoo says:

    How exactly will you drag it?
    By a short rope?

  3. tireetoo

    You can:

    use a small strap
    or extend the seat
    or leave the bars extended

    whatever suits the place you’re in. Rail station tend to have smooth(ish) floors so rolling is easier.

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