New full fat Blogger

Blogger has introduced a WYSI-M-WYG or “What You See Is Mostly What You Get option. This means that you can now embolden, italicise, do a whole range of colours, create

  • unordered
  • bullet

or, if you prefer,

  1. numbered
  2. bullet
  3. lists

not to mention add


format text in fonts like Lucida, Trebucet, Times, Verdana and Georgia in sizes ranging from tiny to huge, all without a scrap of HTML or CSS knowledge.

For those like me who are set in their ways and are used to or prefer to hardcode their posts, the Edit HTML function remains. A lifesaver for such folks is that regardless of whether you hardcode or use the WYSI-M-WYG compose feature, Blogger remembers which interface you last used – or so it seems from my tests so far in Firefox. This is just as well, as the comments here would seem to indicate that there are a few compatibility issues to be ironed out. Another heads-up for Firefox users is that there is a known bug that causes the ‘Publish’ progress page to display 0% even when your post has successfully uploaded though I have found that judicious cache clearing helps. Another issue apears to be a clash between the two options where one knocks out the text wrapping set by the other, which requires manual intervention to correct.

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