My Californian friend Chuck is the web guy and events guy behind the new web ministry/mission/resource MyBakersfieldChurch.

MyBakersfieldChurch is here to enhance local churches, not take away from them – as a group of local Christians and Friends we felt a desire put on our hearts to really work to create a resource that would benefit all of Bakersfield – not just singling out Pastors and Members – but opening up the possibilities to new comers to the faith, as well as quite simply the area.  The goal of the web site is quite simple – to bring people back to Church, we are not looking to become an Online Church, but rather a stepping stone of bringing believers and non-believers into a local congregation that fits their needs.

Chuck has been working on the site and tweeting the odd progress report for some time and tweeted the launch a few hours back.  Well done to Chuck and his buddies for taking a fresh approach!

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