Mr. Naga’s friend, Shamsul

Those who can remember back as far as July may recall that I was impressed with Mr Naga’s Very Hot Chili Paste, with it’s minimalist label and maximum taste.

It seems that my enthusiastic post reached the folks who are responsible for producing MNVH because, in the process of clearing the spam from one of my lesser-used mail accounts today, I came across an email from one of Mr Naga’s team, Shamsul. It reads:
Dear Bignoseduglyguy,
I recently looked up on the internet for my product ‘Mr Naga’, and you were
the first thing which popped up. We are a fairly small firm and we appreciate the positive feedback which you have written about us, hence we would like to offer you a free jar of Mr Naga, if you could kindly email me back your address, so that i can post it off to you. Once again we thank you, and hope you will be pleased with the free jar of Mr Naga.
Yours truly


Pleased, Shamsul? I’d be overjoyed as my present one is running out. I rave about things I like because I like them and I want to share them with others but I must admit that I appreciate Shamsul’s gesture and am happy to have another reason to post about it. Good luck to all at Mr Naga’s.

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