Major security hole in Windows WMF

IMPORTANT: Major security hole in Windows WMF – from Guardian Unlimited

Jack Schofield writes:

“Your Windows PC can now be infected with the nastiest malware imaginable just by viewing an image, or just by (say) Google Desktop or Lotus Notes or some other software accessing the image without you even seeing it. Using a recent version of Firefox or Opera is an improvement on IE but does not guarantee safety. Worst of all, this flaw in Microsoft’s WMF picture file and fax viewer is a zero-day exploit for which there is no fix, officially.”

No iBook smugness here – the family use a PC so I’ll be busy slamming this door tomorrow if I can. 

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  1. Brenda says:

    umm.. the fix would be to disable wmf libraries in windows.. right?
    assuming it’s a library…

    i wouldn’t put it past Ms to put wmf support in the kernel or something… but, so? replace the kernel.

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