Lyrically speaking

One unexpected benefit of listening to my iPod via excellent Sony Fontopia earbuds is that allow me to hear lyrics better, regardless of the ambient noise.  As well as providing added insight on the teenage angst of Snow Patrol’s Spitting Games (as playing now), they have also led me to the laugh-out-loud fun of Busted’s lyrical wizardry.

Their ode to pubescent lust, Air Hostess is so priceless in it’s directness and cheese quotient, I am not entirely convinced that these loveable moppets aren’t actually serious about their ‘trolley dolly’ fantasies.  Whatever the intention, no-one can argue against what must rank as some of the best/worst rhyming couplets of the year:

I messed my pants,
When we flew over France,
Will I see you soon,
In my hotel room,
For a holiday romance?

I rest my case.

my lo-fi ears are listening to Spitting Games/Snow Patrol

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