Itchy feet or a nudge?

I had an interesting day with SWMBO today starting with an offhand discussion that started with us talking about moving our shed so we could paint the house.  This led to a discussion about whether or not to pursue the idea of buying a sleep-out to accommodate our growing band of teenagers. Before we knew it, we’d concluded that this idea had little merit and were driving up and down the Hibiscus Coast looking at properties.

While we’re blessed to have this lovely home and feel happy & settled here, our family is now effectively comprised of two mid-lifers, two young adults, a ‘tweenager’ and fast-growing primary schooler.  Similarly, with changes in schools and colleges, the geography of our life has subtly shifted and we now find ourselves spending a significant amount of time on the Hibiscus Coast.  So, while we have no immediate plans to move, we find ourselves thinking about shifting again and all that it entails.  I find myself excited in an unexpected kind of way and, in the light of a number of things going on in our lives right now, wondering if this is God’s prompting; definitely something to pray on and consider.

To end a lovely day, we ate freshly-caught kingfish fillets, care of our good friend and intrepid film-maker Tony, and the crew of the seafearing launch Ballistic.  I cooked mine to an authentic Cajun recipe that you can find on my much-neglected food blog, Big Boy’s Brunch.

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