Is it warm enough yet, Mr Bush?

+2.4°: Coral reefs almost extinct
+3.4°: Rainforest turns to desert
+4.4°: Melting ice caps displace millions
+5.4°: Sea levels rise by five metres
+6.4°: Most of life is exterminated

Following the this week’s UN report, the UK’s Independent newspaper is carrying a piece called Global warming: the final warning. This clearly spells out what the planet’s population can expect by the year 2100 in terms that even a child can understand, which may just account for the fact that Bush and his Australian counterpart, Howard, suddenly seem to realise that they’re having to loosen their collars and ties a little more often these days.

If you don’t think global warming has anything to do with you, your friends, your family or, most importantly, your kids, just spend the next 50 seconds thinking about what the five statements above will really mean for them and their kids.

With four kids myself, I can’t stop thinking about it.

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