iPod versus iBook

The long-awaited iBook has just arrived from the Far East via Copenhagen, the Netherlands and the obligatory smart-arsed & butter-fingered courier (note crumpled packing top-left of big box).

As it is sprog No.2’s birthday today and she’s just unwrapped an mini iPod this morning, I’m trying so hard to ignore the siren call of the boxes so as not steal her thunder and spoil her day.

4 Responses to “iPod versus iBook”

  1. Owen says:

    Yeehah! Hats off for a fine display of restraint leaving the boxes unopened for now. And a warm welcome to the world of OS X when you finally rip em apart, open up the ibook and hear those start-up chimes. Enjoy!

  2. True_Halcyon says:

    Awlright, it has to be open by now, explaining your lack of time to post here; bonding with one’s electronics takes precedence!!

  3. Georg says:

    Gee, I just can’t wait to get my 12″ iBook, ordered yesterday. Just got notifcation that it is on its way – from Dresden.

  4. TH

    I have surfaced for air, staggered blinking into light and now need a long lie down with eyes closed, dreaming of iBooks.


    It’s well worth the wait IMHO – having loads of fun with mine

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