You’d think I’d know better, wouldn’t you? Last night, fuelled by boredom and a little too much Adnams, I decide to see if Pumatech’s Intellisync for Yahoo was any less flaky than when I last tried it. Given that it is heavily promoted in the new lean, mean Yahoo mail service, I thought they may have ironed out the well-known bugs but it seems that, for some folks (like those on XP?) at least, the old HotSync incompatibilities are still there. If, like me, you are tempted to give it a try again and then want to uninstall, you may find that the Intellisync conduits refuse to relinguish their grip, crippling the normal HotSync process. Should this be the case, you should be able to restore normality by following the process below. As always, if you are not familiar with back up procedures or monkeying around with your PC’s Registry files, DO NOT proceed – go read about backing up Palm files on your Palm & your PC and how to backup, ddit, and restore the Registry in Windows.

1. Back up your Datebook/Calendar, AddressBook/Contacts, MemoPad/Memos, ToDoList/Tasks in your preferred fashion.
2. Exit Hotsync Manager by right-clicking on the Hotsync icon in the Sys Tray and clicking ‘Exit’.
3. Uninstall Intellisync by going to Start | Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs, locating the Intellisync program and then clicking the Chnage/Remove button.
4. Clean up the mess left in your Registry files.

a) Go to the Windows Registry by clicking Start | Run then typing ‘regedit’ and ckicking ‘OK’.
b) Expand hkey_current_user | software | us robotics | pilot desktop.
c) Look for ApplicationIntellisyncAddressBook and press ‘delete’. Repeat for all the Intellisync entries.
d) Click on Hotsync Manager – it should be several entries below. Look in the right hand pane and find a Notifier entry – towards the bottom – that contains ‘yahoo/intell…’ and delete the entry.
e) Exit Windows Registry. Reboot the computer. Proceed as below.

5) Restart Hotsync Manager. Go to Start | Programs | Palm Desktop (or Palm) | Hotsync Manager.5) You should now be able to Hotsync your Palm. Double check that all the conduits are working with a few test entries.

After all that, I would recommend that you write yourself a stiff warning to never bother trying Intellisync again – at least until the next time.

Inspiration via jeffyen-ga @ Google Answers

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