Home Truths & John Peel

“Before we start, I need to talk to you about David Essex and breasts…”

So began one of the many editions of Home Truths I have enjoyed over the last six or so years.  Of all the mornings to sleep in and miss the show, today with it’s tribute to John Peel, was not the day to pick.  Luckily, the BBC’s Listen Again website provides for muppets like me by providing streamed playbacks for several days after broadcast.  I have just listened to today’s show, which was presented by Roger McGough, and was comprised of just a small sample of the many stories the show has covered.  All of which served as a fitting tribute to a man who has brought both cutting edge music and personal oral testimony to the radio listeners for over 35 years.

my lo-fi ears are sadly not listening to John Peel

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