Holiday Redux

Though I suspect I will remember this Christmas and New Year’s Eve for two weeks of coughs and sneezes, I thought I would jot down a few notables for my future reference, if no one else’s.  The most notable gifts were the Christian Aid ‘Just Gifts’ given to myself and the sprogs by SWMBO.  Between us, we got four goats, a pair of crutches, a stethoscope and 18 hours of computer training, all of which were actually delivered to folks around the globe who really needed them.  Although we have been house-bound most of the time, The Incredibles was a notable big hit with all four sprogs who, like sprogs the world over, are now playing at being Incredibles and debating over who is the strongest or stretchiest.  Meanwhile, back in the safe harbour that is our sofa, Bill Bailey: Part Troll proved that, with or without his extraordinary talent for musical parody, he is one of the funniest people on the comedy circuit.  For those not convinced, try watching the video clip where he turns the BBC NEWS theme tune into a rave mix.  During breaks where us adults sought food and drink, Anita and Me, Mean Girls and Pirates Of The Caribbean had the sprogs spawled on the sofa until we surgically removed the remote and isolated the power.  Talking of sustenance, without a doubt, the cups of tea made by sprogs and delivered to the side of the bed/sofa were noteworthy.  If tea doesn’t count, we had friends over last night and we rustled up my Chicken Piri Piri served with a chilau (explained me & others here) which we followed by SWMBO’s raspberry and white wine syllabub and washed down with a Shiraz and Vinho Verde.  The thought of walking into the office again in just 34 hours is simply too much to bear.

my lo-fi ears are listening to Firesuite/Doves

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  1. Ria says:

    Loved the Bill Bailey clip.

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