Hiatus Interuptus

After a break of one year and one week, I am once again in the mood to resume writing here again. I stopped because I felt blogging about our life before, during and after our emigration from the UK was becoming a chore. I was tired of feeling guilty when folks asked when I was writing the next ‘episode’ or how I came up with the stories. I just wanted to do be able to do things without some small part of me feeling that I should be writing about it.

Similarly, bignoseduglyguy, my other long running blog has run out of steam and begun to ramble incoherently over the last year. Having revolved around geekery and online activities for a good few years, it suffered when I no longer bought the latest gadgets and work/emigration left little time for distractions.

A month or so back, I referred a colleague and fellow émigré to a post here so that he could read about something that had come up in conversation. Sometime later, he mentioned how much he had enjoyed reading the posts and how it had offered him a different perspective on who I was. Over the Christmas break, I have found myself re-examining my motives, thinking about the positive comments I have received about my blogs and the enjoyment I derived from writing them.

As result of all this, I decided to give Looking for No.8 wire a new lease of life and the primary focus of my blogging activity. I have moved it away from its old sub-domain home and Blogger API to join my food and recipe blog here on WordPress. A new theme with one of my own photos as a header image and a revised byline provide what I think is a fresh look. That’s it for now though I’m sure I’ll be tinkering with a few cosmetic tweaks and adding more links over the next few days.

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  1. emchi says:

    Good to see you back. I’ve checked every so often on here to see if you were blogging, but figured you had a good reason for not doing so.

    Love the photo!! :o)

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