Hello again

I haven’t posted for a long while. Since I last posted, the All Blacks have won their first three games of the season, the World Cup has begun in Germany and winter storms have ravaged many parts of new Zealand. As for the absence, to cut a long story short, I messed up the migration from Blogger to WordPress a few weeks back, threw my toys out of the pram and gave up trying to fix it. Yesterday, a few kind words of advice and encouragement from my long-suffering friend and host, Chuck, prompted me to sort the mess out. Given my tendancy to let my blogging lapse, I doubt that anyone out there still reads my posts; if you have kept my feed intact, I salute and thank you.

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  1. Ian McKenzie says:

    I was beginning to wonder. I thought perhaps your previously mentioned wifi problems had gotten out of hand or the house hunting effort was all-consuming. Good to see you’re still intact. 8^

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