Glad to be here


This morning, I am sobered by the fact that the revised timing of the Edgware Road blast last Thursday now places me about 2 minutes away at the next station, Paddington.  With SWMBO evacuated from a train in the City of London area and our second eldest safely off the train and walking the last 100 yeards to school, I am thankful our family has been spared the pain and grief others are experiencing today.  Having also missed the 1996 IRA bomb at South Quay by just a few minutes (we live 200 yards away), one is tempted to read all manner of significance into such near-misses.  However, I am convinced that we are no different to millions of families who live in London, Belfast, Madrid, Jerusalem, Gaza, Bagdhad – ordinary folk who have little choice but to pause, reflect and then carry on as normal.

As we look forward to a sunny afternoon in the garden with our extended family gathered around us, my heart goes out to those whose loved ones perished on Thursday or have not been seen since.  I wear my London shirt for you all.

2 Responses to “Glad to be here”

  1. Emchi says:

    It’s numbing. I think you have to carry on though… I could have sat here and thought “it could have been me” but it wasn’t, maybe next time it will, but in the mean time I’m going to carry on living.

  2. Ian McKenzie says:

    There is much we do in life that presents real risk. If we were to hide away from it all, it wouldn’t be much of a life.

    Good to know you are okay!

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