Friends in need

More often than not, when it comes to the maillists, forums and chatrooms, we only hear about the darker side of human nature.  This being the case, I just wanted to post something in mitigation.

As detailed in the post below, I have had my trusty commuting bike stolen and, despite trawling the local flea markets and back alley traders, I am no closer to finding it.  This morning, I wrote a brief email describing my efforts to recover the bike.  I then posted it to a thread on the Brompton Talk Yahoo group concerning the possible sale of stolen bikes on eBay which has been a recurring theme there for some time.  Within a couple of hours of the post, I received two unbidden mails off-list from fellow Brompton owners offering the loan or sale of their spare or surplus bikes.

In the grand scheme of things, not earth-shattering acts but for me, an indication that, despite scaremongering to the contrary, the Internet can be a conduit through which the hand of friendship and good citizenship can reach out and make a difference.

my lo-fi ears are listening to All For Self/Fun Lovin’ Criminals/100% Colombian

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