Eat/My Hat

Eat – If you hear a faint groaning whilst reading this post, it’ll be my chair. Last night, the cravings became too much and I whipped up a bucket of baked buffalo wings for me and SWMBO, who had never tried them before. Accompanied by a green salad with blue cheese dressing and several beers, we proceeded to set about the pile with no small amount of gusto. Given that I couldn’t get hold of an authentic US wings sauce in my local supermarket, I laced the butter sauce with liberal amounts of Encona’s Cajun Hot Pepper Sauce, Nando’s Extra Hot Piri Piri Sauce, cracked black peppercorns and garlic powder. The results were pretty damn tasty. So what, you might ask, is the problem? Having demolished the whole pile, the 3-1 ratio of bones on my plate and SWMBO’s indicated that I had consumed 30 waistline-busting wings which left me feeling a tad bloated for the best part of the last 24 hours.

My Hat – Many thanks to this week’s hero, David Barlow of Cornwall who is volunteer at The Lizard Wireless Station, all round good egg and, most importantly, a fellow Tilley hat wearer. Having seemingly lost my weathered but cherished Tilley whilst visiting the station, I emailed David who offered to check for my hat next time he was at the station. He replied with the news that he could find no trace of the hat and asked if I had possibly left it elsewhere. I mentioned that I had maybe left in an ice cream shop or the car park. Two days later, David has not only checked the shop in Lizard village (where my hat was amongst 6 other lost titfers) but had it sent special delivery to arrive by lunchtime today – asking nothing in return save for the postage. All this from a chap I’ve never met (his colleague was on duty when I visited) and who knows me not from Adam. Much appreciated. By the way, the tongue -in- cheek style of the Tilley Endurables website makes it an interesting read – whether you browse the interesting testimonials, the company’s history or the dated but well-meant Y2K emergency advice.

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