I shall soon be heading off for a little rest and recuperation in a quiet hamlet in a far flung corner of this fair land. One benefit of the location will be the lack of on-tap internet access. I say benefit because I desperately need an enforced break from my online activities to give my arm and wrist a real chance to recover from the increasingly frequent bouts of repetitive strain injury. However, I am a realist and know that I’ll be wanting to send a few mails, check out the weather reports and look up information to help plan days out. With this in mind, I thought it would be wise to check my new mobile + T3 + Palm Portable Keyboard combination before I leave – just to make sure that I can post ‘postcards’ here if the mood takes me. The fact you’re reading this would seem to indicate that my new mobile setup works a treat.

with Palm T3 and SE T610

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  1. zoe says:

    have a great time!

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